Jeff Conn is a professional online content developer, video script writer, training developer, marketing writer, technical writer and website designer. He has served as both an employee and consultant for small business, Silicon Valley start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.

Although he specializes in communicating high technology concepts, his experience includes a diversity of industries including financial services, management consulting, counseling services, pro video, music distribution and publishing.

In the world of Silicon Valley parlance, Jeff's peers are impressed by his "curiosity" about underlying assumptions in order to distill ideas down to core concepts. His hands-on approach in exploring technology also enables him to quickly learn new technologies and develop new software skills. This approach has afforded him with in-depth knowledge of a variety subjects and enabled him to become proficient using a wide variety of software applications.

Having worked on a variety of communications projects in a wide range of workplace environments, Jeff has become especially adept at adapting to workplace culture, quickly assessing communication needs; building rapport and good will with co-workers; gathering information in an unobtrusive manner; keeping management appraised of progress; and delivering satisfying results.

Jeff got his start in information technology by publishing a software engineering journal that was acquired by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.  After short stints at Ziff-Davis Publishing ZD Labs, Business Design Associates, the Federal Reserve Bank and American Express Global Financial Services, Jeff joined start-up ICTV, Inc. (now ActiveVideo Networks) where he developed online help, marketing communications, technical documentation, web content and training programs for six years.

After gaining in-depth knowledge of hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) networking technologies, Jeff joined optical networking start-up Calient Networks. While at Calient Networks, he expanded his knowledge into the area of fiber telecommunications networks, especially “last mile” fiber solutions (FIOS).

While consulting at Intel Corporation, Jeff quickly became the lead writer on a number of cross-functional teams developing training presentations, web content, video training, webinars and distance learning projects. The projects were  intended to educate Intel's channel partners about new products, solutions and advanced technologies.

As an entrepreneurial interest, Jeff started Web2 Enterprises where he created new e-commerce, social networking and multi-author blogging web sites. Projects included the creation of a music download/social networking site and a poetry multi-author social network. Marketing writing included home page copy, company profiles, FAQs, help, terms of service, privacy policy and membership agreements. Additional projects included concept presentations, marketing requirements, functional specifications and promotional copy. In addition, Jeff provided website development consulting services.

At the beginning of 2011, Jeff joined Fluke Networks. Projects included mobile device quick tutorials and help systems; software end-user guides; hardware installation guides; website development and video training projects. Video training included 35+ hours of Web based, self-directed, distance learning modules.

Jeff left Fluke Networks and Silicon Valley after purchasing a home in Sacramento during the late Spring of 2015. While in Sacramento, he provides professional communications consulting services. He accepted a short term project at the Automobile Association of America (AAA) for Northern California, Nevada and Utah (NCNU). The project consisted of developing policy & procedure guides for various accounting payment processing functions. Processing functions included member reimbursement; payment processing for emergency roadside assistance (ERS) service providers; accounts payable and accounts receivable procedures.

In the Fall of 2016, Jeff began consulting for Plantronics, Corp. Plantronics is a Global leader in headset, bluetooth device and unified communication technologies. The consulting project entails developing several kinds of content for the launch of a new enterprise product. Content development includes a hardware installation guide; software end-user guides and an in-depth, long-form, value proposition white paper.

Jeff's most recent career highlight from 2019 to 2020 was working with Facebook's Oculus for Business team seeking to help make virtual reality based training a reality in the enterprise. He created technical support content and video scripts to support training customers to properly activate and manage Oculus VR headsets used for enterprise VR based training.

Jeff describes himself as being at the intersection of creative thinking and critical thinking. As a Right Brain weighted individual, he connects the dots between disparate bits of information and conceptualizes the big picture.  He is the kind of contributor who listens intently, organizes ideas into a coherent flow and contributes integral solutions. He enjoys Modern and Fusion Jazz and his hobbies include home improvement projects, creative writing, gardening and music composition.