While consulting at Facebook (2019-2020), I created original technical support content and video scripts for Oculus for Business. Technical support videos were developed based on the scripts I wrote. In addition, I wrote step-by-step procedures incorporated into the technical support web pages. I also conceived of and worked with an illustrator to create the isometric illustrations incorporated into the web page procedures.


OfB technical support web page
Oculus for Business technical support web content


Device Activation video screenshot
Oculus for Business video script

While at Fluke Networks (2011-2015), I created original content for mobile apps. This sample is taken from the AirMapper app project.  AirMapper is used to detect and display Wi-Fi related information on mobile devices. I created the in-app Help content, including the graphic design and copy for the quick-start tutorial (sample image). I also assisted the application developers in writing and editing user interface text. In addition, I wrote and edited related FAQ content.

mobile app
Android App Tutorial

These sample pages are taken from a software user guide I wrote while at Fluke Networks (2011-2015) for a new, proprietary, tablet-based product. The documentation project entailed condensing the 400+ page user guide for a sophisticated enterprise software application into a simplified "quick-start" version for inclusion with the tablet.


software user guide cover page
Software User Guide Cover Page
software user guide sample page
Software User Guide Sample Page

These sample pages are taken from a hardware installation guide I wrote while at Calient Networks (2003-2006) for a new optical switch product. I developed step-by-step installation procedures for this documentation project by performing hands-on installation under the guidance of a field technician.


hardware installation guide cover page 
Hardware Installation Guide Cover Page
hardware installation sample page
Hardware Installation Sample Page

This sample is taken from a short-term writing opportunity at the Automobile Association of America (2015-2016) for Northern California, Nevada and Utah (NCNU). The project entailed creating ten policy and procedure guides for various financial and record processing functions such as payment processing and financial accounting.

The documentation process involved a fast-paced combination of interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs), hands-on use of record management and payment processing software systems and iterative document reviews. I incorporated an active voice to speak directly to the reader about required job tasks along with step-by-step procedures about how to perform each task.

policy and procedure guides
Policy and Procedure Guides

While at Fluke Networks (2011-2015), I used several advanced features of Adobe Robohelp to create a "single source" authoring and publishing platform for technical documentation.

By utilizing the conditional text and variable features of Robohelp, I created express, pro and branded OEM versions of documentation.

In addition, for each version, I created both PDF and Microsoft HTML Help (CHM) publishing formats.

Creating a topic-based, single source publishing platform considerably reduced content development and review cycle time. It also enabled marketing with much stronger opportunities for cost-effective OEM branding variation throughout the content.

single source publishing
Single Source Publishing