While consulting on a new product incubation team for Plantronics Inc., I developed a marketing position paper for the new product.

Cloud service position paper


I created the branding tag line "Move the light, not the fiber" for Calient Networks (2003-2006).

This concept concisely sums-up the core technical functionality of the product while also positioning the primary business benefit.

The company's core technology involves using 3D MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical mirrors) to remotely switch laser optical paths within an optical switch (Move the Light). Switching an optical path is traditionally done by manually moving a fiber optic cable from one port to another in a patch panel (Not the Fiber). Hence, the primary business benefit of the product is to remotely switch an optical light path instead of incurring cost-intensive "truck rolls" (skilled manual labor resources) required to manually move a fiber optic cable.

branding messages
Branding Messages

While at Fluke Networks (2011-2015), I wrote a software solution white paper that helped customers implement a "best practice" for using the enterprise Wi-Fi monitoring software product. The use case involved how to configure security features of the product to create multi-layers of "rogue" (unauthorized) Wi-Fi device threat detection.

best practice white paper sample
Best Practice White Paper Sample

While working on a Demo Kit project during a consulting stint at Intel Corporation (2007-2008), I wrote the copy for a CD sleeve.  I also edited review contributions from the cross-functional team assigned to the project.


CD sleeve copy
CD Sleeve Copy

This sample page is taken from a whitepaper I wrote while at Fluke Networks (2011-2015). The paper described various types of cybersecurity threats especially popular against Wi-Fi vulnerabilities and how to protect the enterprise against these types of threats.

cybersecurity whitepaper
Cybersecurity Whitepaper

Shown here is the first page of a white paper taken from a series of white papers I wrote for Calient Networks (2003-2006). The paper presents several key points intended to show service providers areas of significant cost reduction by replacing a manual-labor intensive, patch panel based fiber switch solution with an automated MEMs optical switch solution.

These white papers repositioned the core marketing message from a focus on leading-edge technology features to a focus on business benefits like profitability.

designing profitability whitepaper
Designing Profitability Whitepaper