The sample shown here is from a training video script I wrote while at Fluke Networks (2011-2015). Each topic heading in the script represents a 5-15 min. video segment (module). For project review purposes, at the top of each segment is a summary of the ideas presented within the segment. Each numbered row in the table represents each individual audio file intended for the voice-over recording. The purpose for breaking the audio into small files makes it easy to keep the audio and video in sync during video production. Bracketed items summarize the intended visual for the voice-over talent. The final video contained static visuals (such as Powerpoint slides) and software user interface, point-and-click, screen capture video all narrated with voice-over audio.


video script
Video Script

While providing consulting services at Intel (2007-2008), I was a lead training presentation developer for the channel partner training program. This sample is from a presentation I developed to train Intel channel partners about networking security solutions using Intel vPro technology.


training presentation
Training Presentation Development

While providing consulting services for Intel (2007-2008), I was the lead presentation developer for a new Intel/Microsoft partner solution. My responsibility entailed working with a cross-functional team of subject matter experts from both Intel and Microsoft to gather information and develop the training presentation. The team included project managers, engineering staff and marketing staff.


training presentation sample
Training Presentation Sample

While providing consulting services for American Express Global Financial Services (1996), I developed customer service support, on-line help modules. It was during this time frame that AMEX was introducing a pilot program for chip-integrated, pre-paid, smart cards. My responsibility entailed developing topic based help modules to enable American Express Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) to answer customer's questions about using the new card. It was determined that typical customer concerns would involve issues such as eligibility, card acquisition, activation, loading funds, checking card balance, usage, etc.

AMEX Contribution Recognition Plaque
AMEX Contribution Recognition Plaque