While providing consulting services at Intel (2007-2008), I played a major role in the development of Web based training (Distance Learning). The sample shown here is from a project to help Intel channel partners gain hands-on experience building, branding, integrating and using Intel technology solutions. I wrote the video script, directed the live action video and wrote the associated webpage content.

web based training
Web Based Training

While consulting for Plantronics, Inc., I was part of the incubation team developing a new soundscape cloud service. I developed the user help for managing the service by means of the associated browser based user interface.

Cloud Service Help

I created the graphic design, developed the template and implemented this therapy services information website. The site is implemented using Joomla, a content management system (CMS). One terrific feature of Joomla is that its user-friendly management interface enables non-technical persons (like this client) to self-publish and unpublish content without the need of any HTML or CSS skill.

Website Development
Website Development

While at Fluke Networks (2011-2015), I created an HTML help system for a Windows application (sample image) by using the single source publishing feature of Adobe Robohelp. The help system consists of an expandable table of contents tree in the left column. Selecting a topic in the tree view displays the topic content in the main area of the window.

I wrote each help topic contained in the help system; and by using the Robohelp tools, I also created the graphic design of the help system user interface. I managed project scope, topic organization and iterations of review by Quality Assurance, Engineering, Customer Service and Marketing teams.

HTML help system
HTML Help System

While at Fluke Networks (2011-2015 now Netscout, Inc.), it was determined that customers were having difficulty navigating a sequence of website pages to register the product, create the required user account and download product software.

To implement a user friendly solution, I created a standalone HTML page that opened the live corporate website inside a frame on the right while a persistent frame on left contained step-by-step instructions for product registration, creating a user account and downloading software.

As the customer followed the step-by-step instructions in the left frame, they would type information into the live corporate website on the right. As the page changed in the right frame, the step-by-step instructions in the left frame were persistent and enabled the customer to continue to follow the instructions for the next step in the new webpage.

website sidebar tutorial
Website Sidebar Tutorial

While at ICTV (1996-2002 now Active Video Networks), I created a visual map of a complex user interface. The document contained images of all the user screens and indicated the result of every action a user could choose during navigation. This project was extremely valuable to engineering, quality assurance, marketing and customer support. I gathered the information and images for this project by using the graphical user interface in a lab setting.

UI map sample 1
User Interface Map Sample 1
UI map sample 2
User Interface Map Sample 2